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Minggu, 20 Maret 2011



Nobody disagrees that English is an urgent thing. Moreover in this global era, where it will be free for everyone in the world come in a country they want. So that, preparing new skillful generation is very important to be readily in competing with them.
JS-EC (Jurai Siwo English Club) is a young English Club in STAIN Jurai Siwo Metro. It is an intra-campus organization which concerns in developing English, either for Senior High or University students.This time, JS-EC is going to organize a big English competition event for Senior High School students and varsities in Lampung region. JS-EC ON EARTH 2 (JOE 2) is the name of the event. We are planning to hold it annually...
There will be six enjoyable competitions , Debate, Story Telling, Scrabble, Speech, News Casting and for you who like singing, we have pop singer also. So, make you ready to take a part of this event, and get a great and unforgetable experience with JS-EC. Show your talent and catch your dream



Format of the Competition

The text must be original or not published yet. There will be two rounds in this competition. At first round, the participants must choose the topic given by the committee at the day of the registration. The participants have to submit three (3) copies of the technical material of the text of your speech to the committee at the day of the technical meeting or at the day of the competition. You will have ten (10) minutes to present your speech in front of the adjudicators. The participants must mastery the speech material, because the adjudicators will be given five (5) minutes to give the question after presenting the speech. Five (5) best participants will go to the grand final round and the participants will have 30 minutes to prepare for the speech. The sequence number of participants will be given by drawing. The adjudicators will ask you as many questions as they have in five minutes. The adjudicator’s decision is absolute·


o Content
Persuasiveness, accuracy, structure

o Language Usage
Fluency, pronunciation, diction, grammar

o Performance
Gesture, eye contact, confidence
Topics for Speech = Preliminary Round

There will be 4 Themes containing 2 topics each theme.

· Politics and law

1. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s style in his leadership

2. The condition of law in Indonesia

· Education

1. Final National Examination (should UN be erased or not?)

2. The effect of mass media for education

· Economy

1. How to increase economy in Indonesia

2. The effect of ACFTA to Indonesia’s Regional Trading

· Environment and Health

1. The disasters knock down in Indonesia.

2. Stop drug for young generation or say no to drug.

· Participant
The category of competition is for Senior High School students. The quota is 32 participants. So, let you register immediately

· Registration fee: Rp 55.000 each participant.

· Coordinator of competition : Deni Sahrudin (085768382668)


Format of the Competition

The Basic Rules about Structure of This Competition:

1. The judgment will be based on VP (Victory Point), margin, and score in accordance with the point of matter, manner and method.

2. The rule of time management: maximum time is 7 minutes and 20 seconds. There is POI (Point of Information) during debating. Once knock after 1 minute it means you can give your POI. Once knock after 6 minutes is means you cannot do POI anymore. Twice knocks after 7 minutes is warning that debate time is almost over. Then knocks continuously after 7 minutes and 20 seconds, your time is up.

3. The debaters are allowed to use any support properties before the debate is started. During the debate they will be submitted by the officials.

4. The time given for the case building is 15 minutes.


6. We welcome 32 teams (each team consist of 2 participants).

Registration Fee: Rp70.000,00/ each participant

Coordinator of this competition: Meilia Alfa (085658918428)

Tatik Ambarsari (085788529849)


Format of the Competition

In this competition, there are two rounds. They are pre-liminary round and final round. The rules of each round are as follows:

· Pre-liminary round

1. The newscaster will enter the newscast room from the waiting one.

2. Then take one chosen envelope that gives them the news material. The news script will be unpunctuated.

3. In this session participants have 3 minutes maximum for checking and correcting the blind news script. So if the time is over, the time keeper will give you sign, it means that the time in reading your news script starts automatically.

4. You have 3-5 minutes to perform.

5. The adjudicators will decide five participants as the best five, and then the best five will compette on the next final round to get the first, second, and the third winner.

· The final round

1. The finalists will get one opportunity more to perform.

2. The committee will give the finalist a theme without details and facts about something that is still going on.

3. The finalists must convey the news with their own word and concept.

4. Browsing from the internet; getting information from the newspaper, magazine, and some sources others is doable.

5. The finalists have 30 minutes to prepare the last performance in the final round.

6. The finalists have 3-7 minutes to perform the news.

7. In the final round, the adjudicators decide who will be the first, second, and the third winner.

The adjudicators’ decisions are absolute.

Registration fee: Rp55.000,00. / each participant

Coordinator of this competition: Istianah (085769980303)

Jemmy Andrio F (085269963660)


Format of competition

1. The competition is based on Collins Dictionary.

2. There will be 16 teams going to octo final and 8 teams for quarter final round.

3. The best four teams will deserve going to semifinal round, and two teams will fight in the final round.

4. The third winner will play off by those who are fallen in semifinal round.


The category of competition is for General and the quota of this competition is 64 teams

Registration fee : Rp 65.000/ each participant.

Coordinator of Tournament : Andi Setiawan (085768448847)


Format of the competition

The first round

1. There will be two rounds in this contest.

2. At the first round, each participant have to prepare one story and submit 3 copies of the story to the committee at the day of the technical meeting or at the day of the competition.

3. The participants has to tell the story without bringing the text.

4. The participants have to speak loudly, briefly and fluently. 10 – 15 minutes are the time for each participant.

5. The participants have 10 – 15 minutes to perform.

The final round

And for the grand final round will be impromptu story. The best seven participants have to tell the story based on their imagination with the properties provided by the committee. Then, the committee will give thirty minutes to the participant to make the impromptu story. The time given is 7 – 10 minutes in the grand final round. Each participant has to tell the moral value of the story. Notes: Properties for preliminary round (first round) should be prepared by participants and properties for grand final round (second round) will be provided by commitee.

· Participant
The category of the competition is for senior high school students. The
quota of this competition is 50 participants.

· The theme of story telling is free

· Scoring

Pronounciation, grammar, properties, content and performance

· Registration fee is Rp. 55.000,- / each participant.


Format of the competition

· Category: Senior High School and University Students (varsities).

· Each participant chooses two of the selection songs.

· Choices of songs

1. Christian Bautista – Beautiful Girl

2. Keith Martin – Because of You

3. Michael Buble – Everything

4. MLTR – That’s Why

5. Richard Mark – Right Here Waiting for You

6. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

7. Bondan Prakoso – Not With Me

8. Backstreet Boys – Incomplete

9. Shayne Ward – Breathless

10. Daniel Bedingfield – If You’re not The One

11. Jojo – Too Little to Late

12. Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

13. Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On

14. Celine Dion – The Power of Love

15. Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You

16. Sarah Mclachan – Angel

17. Destiny’s Child – Stand Up For Love

18. Lenka – The Show

19. Kelly Clarkson – Because of You

20. Mariah Carey - Hero

· Registration fee : Rp. 50.000,- (Get CD track songs)

· Coordinator of Tournament : Dani Ariansyah (085269975850)

The participants can transfer the registration fee hereby:

(a.n. Hasanul Misbah, Bank BRI unit Diponegoro Metro, Nomor Rekening (5699-01-007451-53-9). Download the registration form on or send an email to fill the registration form completely. Scan the registration form and the receipt of your money transfer to Bring the original one on the technical meeting.


Place : GSG STAIN Jurai Siwo Metro

Day/Date : Sunday, May 01, 2011 at 09.00 a.m.

Contact Person

Aul (Chief of JS-EC) (081997264244)

Miftahul Fajar (The Project Officer of JOE-2) (085768147945)

Eva Oktaviani (Sie Administration) (085658773166)

Jemmy (Chief of Ceremony) (085269963660)

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