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Minggu, 24 Mei 2009


The forbidden love

My life is built with a beautiful dream
I make that dream so mad
Dream that will never become a reality
This dream is a nightmare

The dream is a dream to live with
Dream to live happy with you
But this fact will always speak another
Why ....
Because this is a forbidden love

Love that is prohibited by all persons
Because love is strange and not in place
Although we force this relationship we will never be united
Therefore I decided to finish this forbidden love

Enough already this heart away and tortured
Hopefully you are happy with the other
Is the end of the story we love, and I must to forget you
This is sufficient to be a story of forbidden love

A Hot Day

Today is so hot to burn skin

It would shatter the head too
The soul is suffering and want to mutiny
from the life of freedom manacle

Heart so hot I do not know why ..
Today, I feel too hot
Until I can not think clear
And become distracted my brain

What's going on with this until the body is very hot
I am confused, scared, annoyed and disappointed
Until this day I continue to try to reach a dream
But what happens to this day dream was never became true


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